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Social Security is notorious for denying applications for reasons that only an experienced attorney would be able to spot. We want you to have the best chance at getting the benefits you earned. Here are several tips we put together to give you the best chance in dealing with the Social Security Administration.

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I had my hearing yesterday for Social Security Disability. I was very nervous , but we won my case. Randi and the whole team were very supportive and understanding! They truly want to help people win the benefits they deserve, and I highly recommend them!

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When You Should Claim Social Security Disability

February 23, 2021

Suffering from a disability is something that will financially impact your life and the lives of your dependents. Disability does not just affect the elderly; it affects younger people as well. Many young people have become disabled to the point where they cannot work before reaching their retirement age. Social Security Disability benefits play a…

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