SSD Small & Solo Law Firm Growth

Work Smarter, Not Harder…and Help More People!

Alex the Attorney wants to help more people but simply does not have the mental, emotional, or physical bandwidth to work more. Alex has been stuck at the crossroad of decision-making for the last year, maybe longer… The firm’s revenues have not budged more or less than 10% in these last years. Alex can’t imagine growing the firm if it means also doing more administrative/non-attorney work.

It feels like this is a never-ending mental exercise! Alex is exhausted and frustrated.

Are you like Alex?


This program is for you if you:
  • Want to grow but can’t seem to expand capacity
  • Are passionate about helping more people
  • Want to build your business to meet your personal, professional, and financial goals
  • Are eager to discover that there’s a recipe to achieve #1-3 in one afternoon!
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Randi L. Johnson

Senior Attorney, SSD Manager at Gravis Law
  • Responsible for building Gravis Law’s innovative SSD Strategy. Randi leverages experiences building disability representation teams from startup to market leaders.
  • Before Gravis Law, Randi was a small regional disability law firm owner in Spokane, WA.
  • Randi frequently speaks on disability advocacy (particularly for teens and young adults), the importance of leadership, grief, and estate planning.
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Chad M. Wold

Vice President, Chief Strategic Officer at Gravis Law
  • Responsible for developing Gravis Law’s extraordinary growth profile. Chad builds relationships and connects intelligent & motivated business owners with opportunities to grow.
  • Chad has extensive experience in complex litigation, domestic and international business ventures, business structuring, partnership transactions, mergers and acquisitions, EB-5, private equity transactions, and General Counsel services to small and mid-sized enterprises both within the United States and internationally.
  • Chad heads Gravis’ Arbitration & Mediation practice as a National Panel member of the American Arbitration Association and a member of the Washington Mediation Association.

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